Every lady is worth a man pursuing her. <3 

Every lady is worth a man pursuing her. <3Β 

<3 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil cling to what is good. <3



Today being Valentine’s day takes on different meanings for people all over the world. This is not your typical valentine’s day post. February is American Heart month. Last year I realized how important our heart is. Crazy to write that, but it’s so so true. When all your body parts are working correctly, you [or I] do not realize how important that part is until it slowly stops working or completely shuts down without any warning…on us or people close to us.Β 

I am wanting to focus on the heart. Last year I found out two significant ladies in my life had heart failure. One was in her late 90’s and another was only months old. Both of them have a huge impact on my life. I was able to learn so many important lessons from them and still learn lessons from the people they belonged to and as well as who belonged to them.Β 

Their heart failure has taught me to not make excuses when it comes to spending time with people. To be a refreshment to people. To serve wholeheartedly. To treat strangers in dignity, no matter the treatment I am receiving. And to simply love with all my heart. To Love my Lover, God, to love my loved ones, to love strangers, which in my opinion takes action to really keep the heart pumping “blood”, energy creating life and more life to come. <3

Hearts and things. πŸ’› #classroom

These “sayings” keep coming up. And it relates to what I’m going through…hmmm

Here is where I discovered how beautiful, and courageous she was. Where she took care of people, loved people, prayed fervently, shared incredible stories, and cooked delicious feasts, and cookies. I’m so grateful I was blessed by her love and hilarity. Cherish your grandparents, if you still have them. [And all your loved ones]. πŸ’› I will always love & miss Grandma Patsy Montoya. πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

"Write your story on my heart" <3 "Let me be Your work of art"